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About Me

Hello, I’m Jordan and welcome to my about me page. This blog is about my journey following my dream of owning a tea store. Not just a tea store but a store to show All different tea and cultures Of tea. Let’s start from the beginning and how I came in love with tea. When I was younger I grew up drinking tea if it was just hot tea or sun tea, ice tea Any and everything caffeinated and not-caffeinated I loved it. all my birthdays were tea parties Growing up I even have small miniature tea sets from all of my cakes. Tea became a part of my life. Now I drink tea every day. I started researching different teas when I was 16 years old, I got books and I fell in love with the history of Tea. Now I’m trying to learn all I can so I can open a successful business and this blog is one step in my journey. thank you for reading this blog And helping me on this journey.
You’re the best!

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  1. We wish you all the best, with your own tea store soon!
    Look forward to hear more about health benefits of various types of tea

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