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3 Gifts a Tea Lover Will Love Under $50!

If you have a person in your life who loves tea and is struggling to find a perfect gift for them this holiday season this Blog post will help. As a tea lover, I know people who aren’t tea lovers have no clue what to get someone who loves tea and end up getting the tea lover in their life an average gift. I made this list to help you blow them away with an amazing tea-themed gift!

1: A Tea collection from Iteaworld!

Price range $20-$40( it depends on the box you choose)

Giving a tea lover a gift of good quality Chinese tea with a beautiful presentation will make any tea lover happy.

Here is the link to iTeaworld’s website = iTeaworld(this is an affiliate link)

They have a bunch of collections of different Chinese teas. I have had their classic collection and I loved all the teas, they are very good quality for the price. iTeaworld loves spreading its love for Chinese tea worldwide. What’s even more amazing is that iTeaworld’s tea is organic! They use the most traditional Chinese farming methods, which means no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in their products. I truly admire that!

2: A Sipsby Subscribe box

Price range $7-$50( it depends on the what you choose)

Sipsby is a subscription box company. There are a couple of different options on the website for gift giving They have a lot of different things they sell. You can give them a digital gift card that can be used for a 3-month worth tea subscription. Also, there’s a Mini tea box that you can also give, it is $7 to $50 depending on how much tea you want to give in those boxes. Both are excellent ideas. I do suggest a gift card instead of the box because this is a customized personal subscription, they have to take a test so they can send them the teas they most enjoy.

Here are the links:

the mini box: Gift a Cup of Tea | Sips by

Digital Tea Gift Card to Personalized Tea Box | Sips by

3: A flowering Tea set

Price range $28

Flowering Tea is something that most tea lovers would love to have but never buy it themself. What is Flowering Tea? It is a ball of tea that is tea leaves and flowers tied together to make a blossoming flowering tea. This tea set comes with 6 tea blossoms and a glass teapot. I got this as a present myself and I still use the teapot from this. It’s one of my favorites.

Here are the link: : Numi Organic Flowering Tea Gift Set, 6 Handsewn Tea Blossoms & 16-Ounce Glass Teapot, Blooming Tea Flowers : Gourmet Tea Gifts : Grocery & Gourmet Food

Thank you for reading this Blog I hope this helps you! Leave a comment if you have any more suggestions for presents!