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3 Teas you need to try!

These are teas I love and I think other people will love too. These are the 3 teas I think everyone should try. Remember, just a few of my suggestions. The world of tea offers an extensive variety to explore. It’s always worth trying different types of tea to discover your personal favorites and enjoy the different flavors, aromas, and potential benefits they provide. All of these are great tea, but also I didn’t do them in any particular order of what is best to least. Because I love all of these, in fact I drink all of these on a daily bases. I hope you try some of these teas and may your tea adventures be enjoyable!

#1: Ancient forest tea. This is a sweet black tea and it is exclusively from stands of ancient growth tea plants in the Yunnan province of China. It’s one of my favorite black teas and I think you will like it too. here is the link to where I got it

#2: Cherry blossoms tea. This tea is a perfect blend of Sencha and cherry blossoms. The fresh grassy taste of Sencha and the floral fragrance of the cherry blossoms is so good. I love this for a spring tea party or just early morning in spring. here is the link to the one I got, but they are many cherry blossom teas out there.

#3: Purple Bud, made from lateral buds of the ancient purple trees in Yunnan. This tea is so good! I had this tea at a tea festival. This was the last tea I tried there and I fell in love with it. This has a sweet fruity, earthy flavor. here is the link to this tea

If there is any tea you think I would love, leave a comment!