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IteaWorld: Embarking on a Journey of the Classic Selection

iteaworld reached out to me and asked me to try and review their tea. Now let’s talk about iteaworld journey. Iteaworld started back in 2009, and have they come a long way since then! In 2015, they created their very own wild tea garden. Fast forward to 2022, and they decided to share their love for Chinese tea with the whole world. That’s when they went international. This company’s journey is very inspiring, and I was so happy to collaborate with iteaworld. I got the Classic selection. There are 3 different selections, The Classic Tea Selection has Oolong tea and Black tea. There is also an Oolong tea Selection, this only has Oolong teas. They have a Black tea selection with only black teas in it. Now, let’s talk about the teas. I got the Classic selection. The classic selection has 4 different Black teas and 4 different Oolong teas it. It has two of each tea so there are 16 bags of loose-leaf teas. It has been a real eye-opener. I mean, I’ve tried my fair share of Chinese tea, but the variety of flavors and aromas in this selection is something else. It’s like a flavor adventure every time I brew a cup, and I absolutely love discovering new tastes.

Classic Tea Selection:

Oolong Tea Selection:

Black Tea Selection:

Let me tell you what I think about the teas.

For Oolong there is

Fenghuang Dancong was my favorite Oolong I had in this box. It has notes of citrus with undertones of grapefruit. I very much enjoyed it. My favorite steep was the first one.

Tie Guanyin, this is a very light tea the first steep was the most flavorful. This is a very light and refreshing tea.

Dahongpao, is sweet and floral, I found out that the more you steep it the sweeter it gets. I enjoyed this tea.

Minnan Narcissus has a nutty flavor. Out of all the Oolongs, this is the most classic Oolong in this box I think, flavor wise.

All of these Oolongs are so different. I loved trying all of these and having very different experiences with each.

For back teas there is

Wild Souchong is the best smokey tea I have tried. I can see myself drinking this on a rainy day. I liked the third steep the best.

Yingde is sweet and floral I liked the third steep the best. This is a good black tea I enjoyed it.

Yunnan black tea has honey and floral notes. This is my favorite out of all the black teas. It tastes like I put honey in it, it was very good. My favorite steep was the second one.

Lapsang souchong is floral and grassy. I didn’t expect this tea to not be smokey it was surprising. I liked the third steep the best.

The Quality of tea.

All of the teas are of amazing quality just looking at the leaves you can see how good quality it is. I give the Classic Tea Selection a 5 out of 5! I enjoyed trying all of these teas. I learned a lot about Chinese tea from this box. I would recommend giving this a try if you want to experience Chinese tea in a new way!